2RM Homecoming Week Builds Community and Collaboration

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2RM Homecoming Week Builds Community and Collaboration

Two Rivers Marketing

Two Rivers Marketing
Nov 15, 2023

Image of 2RM Associates with "Homecoming" written above them

Creating connections and nurturing strong relationships are more critical than ever in the new reality of hybrid and remote work. With 19 remote associates — 17% of our agency — we are always looking for ways to foster a sense of community and encourage collaboration and connection despite the distance.

In addition, our Des Moines-based associates are on a hybrid schedule that brings them into the office three days a week and allows them to work remotely the other two days. We believe a hybrid model offers many benefits, including increased flexibility for associates to manage work-life balance. But this change does mean some adjustments in how we think about collaboration and agency culture.

It’s a new landscape that many companies are navigating. A Pew Research Center survey from March 2023 showed that 41% of those with jobs that can be done remotely are working a hybrid schedule, up from 35% in January 2022.

A Week of Reconnecting

To build unity and celebrate our agency’s culture and success, this month we hosted Two Rivers Marketing Homecoming Week, bringing most of our remote associates into our Des Moines office from their locations in Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota, Indiana, Texas, Ohio, Montana, Wisconsin, and South Dakota.

Image of associates playing an egg relay race

The week’s events included in-person meetings and collaboration, team-building activities, an agency potluck, games, socializing — and many lasting memories made. It was a chance for associates to celebrate achievements, acknowledge each other's contributions, and strengthen the bonds that are essential for a thriving work culture.

“As a remote associate, I always appreciate the effort the agency puts into bringing us back and planning several days of meetings and activities,” said Nestor Barrera, senior digital strategist – localized marketing based in Houston. “I had a lot of fun and got to reconnect with many other associates and make memories with some associates I hadn’t worked with before.”

Homecoming Week was also a way to support our agency’s associates-first culture and to demonstrate several of our core “Power of One Principles” that help us grow ourselves, grow our clients, and grow our company. These include:

  • Own Your Ownership – Take pride in your employee-ownership: always putting your best foot forward and working with purpose.

  • Cheer Each Other On – Root for your fellow employee owners. Support them when they are struggling, be a great teammate, and celebrate the success of your team and your fellow associates.

  • Find the Fun in Your Day – Smile. Laugh. Connect with your colleagues and find enjoyment and fun in your work. It starts with you!

“2RM Homecoming was a fantastic week that emphasized the power of connection,” 2RM President Brad Olson said. “The events were exciting and the energy and vibe within the agency were high, giving us great momentum to finish the year strong.”

The 2RM Homecoming festivities allowed us to be together and reconnect. Our hope is that the days we spent bridging the physical and virtual divide will help us build upon a renewed sense of community and engagement — ensuring that we grow together and find new ways to collaborate and deliver great work in this dynamic hybrid and remote landscape.

Team of associates who won the scavenger hunt

Looking to the Future

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