Two Rivers 2021 Year In Review

2021 was the year of intense anticipation and managed expectations. We hoped for a return to “normal” — but we knew the world had changed forever. Through it all, we high-fived the wins, hugged the losses, and pushed forward together: One year wiser. One year stronger. One year that we can look back on with pride — as we look forward to what’s next!

Two Rivers Marketing Digits that Count

By the end of 2021, the 2RM family was 158 associates strong. Those associates served 11 new clients, worked on 2,860 different projects, and made 13 speaking engagements. As busy as we all were, 2RM still found time to do 501 hours of pro bono and in-kind work, volunteer for 318 hours, and raise $9,420 for charities.

Our associates were busy at home, too: This year saw seven engagements and three marriages, plus the additions of six babies, two grandbabies, and 28 animal babies! Growing families need more room, which is one reason why 29 2RM associates moved into new homes this year. At the same time, there were 19 graduations — so several of our sons and daughters are now making homes of their own!

In 2022, we’ll be counting the numbers from the first day of the new year. If you’d like to count yourself as a new client or a new associate, just click the button below: It’s one action that could produce infinite possibilities.