Comparison shopping is a basic consumer behavior. We all do it — and frequently. Try to think about the last time you made a significant purchase without shopping around. Try to think about the last time you made a significant purchase without doing most of that shopping around online. Read more >>
Thousands of people. Towering machines. There were a million things to look at, and seemingly a million different pathways to get there. Ahead of me, a few people stood together, their eyes lifted upward. Their fingers pointing. I followed their … Continued Read more >>
How often do you ask your dealers and distributors for their opinions? Do you regularly schedule input sessions or conduct surveys to listen to them? Do you know what communications they like to receive from you and which ones they never look at? Have you asked them if your product training materials are adequate? Can you name three business challenges they might be experiencing and what your brand is doing to help them? Read more >>
Customer service and your brand’s social media presence go hand in hand, but how you distinguish between and respond to genuine customer complaints and internet trolls can impact your online reputation. You’ve likely heard the best practice, “don’t feed the trolls,” which holds true for those looking for a reaction, but some negative comments present an opportunity to correct misinformation or stand up for a bigger cause. Read more >>
Of course, we don’t get a sabbatical every time the weather heats up, but Two Rivers Marketing has some pretty impressive summer perks that keep me from gazing longingly outside. Aside from creating a welcoming agency culture, these benefits help in recruiting and retaining the best talent. Read more >>
Moving your site from HTTP to HTTPS helps create a safer and more secure environment for your users to make informed decisions, sets your site up for success in the eyes of search engines, and helps ensure scalable digital business needs are up to standard in the future. Read more >>
Today’s consumers are savvier and smarter than ever before. Within seconds, they can swipe their smartphones to find reviews of your company and products, ratings of how you stack up against the competition, and recommendations for products from their friends and colleagues. Read more >>
Earlier this year, I had a first-year Drake University student shadow me to learn more about my role as a social media specialist. One of the first questions I asked him was, “So, what social media channels do you use?” I thought I’d know the answer, only being a handful of years out of college, but I was schooled very quickly. Read more >>
Throughout much of history, artistry was a solitary thing. Yes, Michelangelo had a few assistants, Warhol had The Factory, and Gutzon Borglum had more than 400 workers assisting him in blasting and sculpting a few presidential faces from a South Dakota mountainside. But all of those projects were still the vision of a single artist. What we do here at Two Rivers, and what is done at most agencies, is collaborative. Read more >>
I see headlines about PR being dead, and I wonder how we got here so fast. How did the very foundation of my higher education suddenly become, according to some, passé? Are we as PR professionals going through a rebranding of sorts? To find out, I did what any public relations specialist would do. First, I took a survey of public opinion (aka my grandma, my parents, and my best friend). Then I analyzed my findings and drew insights. Read more >>