Although I have a journalism degree, I am not a journalist. I took one news writing class my first semester and quickly realized that I was much more interested in making up stories than I was in reporting them. All that really stuck with me was, “who, what, when, where, why, and how?” Read more >>
We’re officially entering “planning season.” At Two Rivers Marketing, our conference rooms are filled with teams huddled around phones and computer screens, beginning their annual process of creating marketing plans for next year. Content marketers, this is our time to shine. Our toolboxes have some of the most valuable, relevant, and insightful tools for this work. Now’s the time to remind everyone why we’re on the team: We are the guardians of customer knowledge. What power we wield! Read more >>
In my last blog post, I explained why it’s important for marketing and communication departments to include research in their annual planning process. I’d like to take a deeper dive into the different types of research, advantages, and disadvantages of research methods, and reporting survey results. Read more >>
When the tweets hit the fan and the media arrives on your doorstep, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. A laundry list of tasks begins screaming through your head at a million miles per hour. You consult your crisis communications plan — likely a thick binder — and begin to feel faint. Where to begin? Read more >>
While many marketers continue to turn to LinkedIn as a priority channel to connect with professional audiences, Facebook is starting to rival LinkedIn as a preferred marketing channel for B2B marketers. Read more >>
While the speculation pendulum has swung back and forth regarding the future of Instagram, the social media platform touted it had over 700 million users in April. Not too shabby! With numerous updates and new feature releases this year, Instagram has been making a strong case that it is a force to be reckoned with in the social media world. Read more >>
Similar to how the summer months seem to fly right before our eyes, so too does the world of digital marketing. While there was a time when marketers could assess performance and develop new strategies once a year, those days are long gone. Just like how we make a conscious effort to do regular, seasonal tune-ups on our vehicle, we also need to assess our digital strategy on an ongoing basis. Read more >>
When clients like ours start their annual strategic planning for the following year, it’s easy to jump straight to a brainstorm session about tactics. I don’t blame anyone who does this. That’s where the work gets done, and it’s exciting for agencies and clients to see the work come to fruition. But, let me ask a crucial question: What’s behind those tactics? Read more >>
This is my first time writing a blog post. Ever. I consume social media every day and read several blogs ranging from analytical, to DIY, to recaps for Game of Thrones.  Yet, I am not someone who tweets very often, or posts pictures. I am a data analyst, I’m much more comfortable with SAS syntax Read more >>
Comparison shopping is a basic consumer behavior. We all do it — and frequently. Try to think about the last time you made a significant purchase without shopping around. Try to think about the last time you made a significant purchase without doing most of that shopping around online. Read more >>