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Perk up your employees with unexpected benefits

Ah, summer. Growing up, it meant sleep-away camps, putting in some serious hours at the pool and, above all else, a three-month break from... Read more>>

SSL certificate 101: What you need to know

In Google’s 2016 State of Website Security report, it was shared there was a 32 percent increase in the number of hacked sites in 2016... Read more>>

4 best practices for training your distributors and dealers

Offer opportunities for both traditional and tech-savvy learners Today’s consumers are savvier and smarter than ever before. Within... Read more>>

Gen Z and social media privacy

Earlier this year, I had a first-year Drake University student shadow me to learn more about my role as a social media specialist. One of... Read more>>

Collectively glamorous

I once heard someone describe advertising as a “secondary glamour industry.” (Secondary, I assume, to the “primary glamour... Read more>>

Do we really need to define PR?

A headline captured my attention recently: “Global PR Industry Now Worth $15bn As Growth Rebounds To 7% In 2016.” This growth —... Read more>>

What am I doing in Iowa?

By the time I graduated college, I had lived in 12 different cities. Three of those were out of the country, and none of them were in Iowa.... Read more>>

Harnessing on-site search

Google recently announced plans to shutter Google Site Search (GSS), a subscription-based tool that allowed websites to harness the... Read more>>

Should your brand use search as a CTA?

A new TV commercial series featuring actress Mindy Kaling has viewers reaching for their devices to Google “That place where Coke... Read more>>

Setting goals to save marketing dollars

I set a goal a few weeks ago to finish this blog post about goal setting on time. I’m usually pretty good about meeting those kinds of... Read more>>