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Should your brand use search as a CTA?

A new TV commercial series featuring actress Mindy Kaling has viewers reaching for their devices to Google “That place where Coke... Read more>>

Setting goals to save marketing dollars

I set a goal a few weeks ago to finish this blog post about goal setting on time. I’m usually pretty good about meeting those kinds of... Read more>>

So you want to start a company blog

Do you have what it takes? When companies start down the content marketing path, one of the first big ideas someone inevitably suggests... Read more>>

A new degree in interactive engagement

As a designer, it can be difficult finding creative ways to break through the norms of traditional marketing tactics and collateral... Read more>>

Des Moines: The greatest city in the world

I’m what people call a “boomeranger.” I was born and raised in Des Moines, but I spent the entirety of my teenage years swearing... Read more>>

6 SEO trends to watch in 2017

SEO trends in 2017 reinforce an important message: to be successful, approach SEO as a means to answer your customer’s questions, not as... Read more>>

5 things to know about marketing automation

Marketing automation is an area of customer relationship management that has evolved over the last few years as systems become smarter and... Read more>>

Fueling passions, fulfilling needs: Pro bono work is a win-win

I’ve always wanted to make the world a better place by helping others. Among my earliest memories are asking my parents why so many... Read more>>

Celebrating three wins at the American Advertising Awards

On February 25, Two Rivers Marketing brought home three awards from the American Advertising Awards presented by American Advertising... Read more>>

Why I don’t regret leaving TV news for PR

I never considered myself famous, and I didn’t need to. I became a journalist to entertain, inform, and inspire people. Since high school... Read more>>