Two Rivers Marketing was recently recognized by the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) annual STAR™ Awards for marketing excellence in the construction industry. The agency received top honors including Best of Show and Construction Marketer of the Year (North). Additionally, Two Rivers received several SUPERSTAR/STAR awards across multiple categories such as Integrated Campaign, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Video and Merchandising. All awards were in recognition of the agency’s work for John Deere Financial. Read more >>
With the construction industry’s largest trade show approaching quickly – not to mention the largest trade show of any kind in North America – you might be asking yourself what you can do to prepare for the long days and nights. As you get ready for your next trade show or conference be sure to stay hydrated, get plenty of rest and pack a comfortable pair of shoes. Read more >>
A couple weeks ago, my co-worker Patrick brought in his Netflix DVD envelope that had a Mad Libs puzzle printed on it. We were both excited and played it immediately. It turns out Netflix isn’t very good at writing Mad Libs, but we really appreciated the clever content idea. Read more >>

Ever since I selected public relations as my major during my sophomore year of college, I’m often faced with blank stares and slow nods of feigned understanding when I answer that, “What do you do?” question. For all my PR pros out there, I feel you — and I compiled a list of some of the other ways you know you work in the PR industry. Read more >>
As communication professionals, it’s critical to understand copyright protection and how to avoid infringement or violations when we are creating materials, both for internal and external purposes. Generally speaking, use as little as possible from copyrighted materials to convey the facts. Cite the source within your material. There are circumstances where fair use is allowed, including criticism, commentary, news reporting, teaching, scholarship (copies for classroom education) or research. Read more >>
Meredith’s blog got me thinking about what it means to be labeled an “agency veteran.” It got me thinking about how it seems like just yesterday I looked up to senior agency and client executives as a source of guidance and inspiration. It got me thinking that my career journey in the agency business will reach 24 years this April. And it got me thinking about how to handle the next 15 years of my career in the fast-paced, dynamic world of marketing. Read more >>
Business travel is a necessary part of doing business, particularly when you work in a service industry such as ours with clients stretching across the country. Some see it as a “necessary evil.” Some dread time away from the office or time away from loved ones. Some dislike the inconvenience of our travel infrastructure, the uncertainty of weather and airline schedules, and, of course, the expense. Read more >>
Over the past year, associates at Two Rivers Marketing continued to provide insights on all kinds of topics, from social media advertising to marketing to niche audiences. We told you how to protect your agency from afflictions of the ego and gave you the rundown on millennials. Read more >>
As the sheer volume of marketing data we were collecting continued to increase, compiling and organizing this data for analysis and insights became a major challenge. The data was constantly changing; it was located within different systems with new platforms being added every day. Read more >>
As we’ve discussed, Agency Disease is a disease of the ego. One that rears its head specifically when one fails to acknowledge that those of us privileged to work in this business are, first and foremost, in the service business. Yes, we’re in the marketing expertise business. Yes, we’re in the brand-building business. Read more >>