Throughout much of history, artistry was a solitary thing. Yes, Michelangelo had a few assistants, Warhol had The Factory, and Gutzon Borglum had more than 400 workers assisting him in blasting and sculpting a few presidential faces from a South Dakota mountainside. But all of those projects were still the vision of a single artist. What we do here at Two Rivers, and what is done at most agencies, is collaborative. Read more >>
I see headlines about PR being dead, and I wonder how we got here so fast. How did the very foundation of my higher education suddenly become, according to some, passé? Are we as PR professionals going through a rebranding of sorts? To find out, I did what any public relations specialist would do. First, I took a survey of public opinion (aka my grandma, my parents, and my best friend). Then I analyzed my findings and drew insights. Read more >>
I’ve lived in trendy southern cities (Howdy, Austin!), beautiful German cities (Hallo, Heidelberg!), and even our nation’s capital (Hey, D.C.!). So why am I now choosing to say Hello, Des Moines? Here are the top five reasons Des Moines has captured my heart — and might just capture yours too. Read more >>
Google recently announced plans to shutter Google Site Search (GSS), a subscription-based tool that allowed websites to harness the power of Google search for on-site searching. Sales of the service ceased April 1, 2017, and functionality will be discontinued one year later after current subscriptions expire.For brands using GSS to power their website search capabilities, now’s the time to begin exploring other options and taking necessary steps to ensure user experience is maintained throughout the transition. Read more >>
A new TV commercial series featuring actress Mindy Kaling has viewers reaching for their devices to Google “That place where Coke tastes SO good.” The seemingly unbranded commercials feature Kaling in a bright yellow dress against a red backdrop (subtle branding hint) cleverly teasing “that place” and calling web-savvy types to follow her clues to find the reward: Any size Coke for $1. Read more >>
Shuffling and adjusting and stretching deadlines and goals is fairly common (and understandable) with small projects, but sadly it is also often common with major initiatives or even larger company strategies. Some people and brands treat their goals and objectives kind of like New Year’s resolutions; they start with good intentions, but let them fizzle away or forget about them after a few weeks or months. Read more >>
When companies start down the content marketing path, one of the first big ideas someone inevitably suggests is: “Let’s start a blog!” Yeah! Do it! Everybody loves blogs! In fact, blogs are the third most popular business-to-business content marketing tactic behind social media content and case studies. Read more >>
As a designer, it can be difficult finding creative ways to break through the norms of traditional marketing tactics and collateral production. While we desire new opportunities and methods to create intriguing design for our clients’ audiences, channels and tactics are often already determined when a designer’s work begins. Read more >>
I’m what people call a “boomeranger.” I was born and raised in Des Moines, but I spent the entirety of my teenage years swearing I’d move away and never look back. And I did. College took me to Marquette University in Milwaukee. After school, I decided to stay and pursue a short-lived pastry career. Read more >>
SEO trends in 2017 reinforce an important message: to be successful, approach SEO as a means to answer your customer’s questions, not as a laser-focused attempt at improving rankings for specific keywords. User experience (UX) shouldn’t suffer at the expense of SEO or vice versa. Read more >>