There will always be a better way. A better way to think, work, communicate, collaborate and grow. Finding it means going where others dare not. Or doing the hard or unpopular thing. It means leaving the school behind and swimming upstream. And to do that, you have to Challenge The Current.

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At the confluence of insight and action.

Ideas are nothing without a little hustle behind them. And if you're not chasing a compelling and strategic end, all that hustle won't amount to anything. It's only when they flow together that amazing things can happen. That's where we work — the place where a steady flow of ideas are churned together with actionable strategies and compelling creative to drive measurable business objectives.

Strategic Planning

To truly serve a client, it's important to have a thorough understanding of their business, diving deep to understand their organization from the bottom up. That knowledge flows together with our broad experience in marketing communications to form a working relationship that is dynamic, collaborative, and strategically focused on achieving your goals.

Public Relations

Who, what, when, where, and why… it all starts there, but goes much deeper. We'll work with you to understand your products and services, your markets, your media channels, and your customers — and we'll develop strategic platforms to achieve your goals. From high-profile media placements and product launches, to trade show support, custom publishing, and social media, we turn a client's business story into news worth talking, writing, tweeting, and blogging about.

Industry Associations


A winning strategy is job one. But how that strategy is packaged and presented can make the difference between a campaign that rises to the top and one that sleeps with the fishes. That's why the creative team at Two Rivers Marketing works diligently to ensure each client's message is engaging, entertaining, and compelling.

Digital Marketing

The analog world isn't dead. But byte by byte, it's being overtaken by the more agile, flexible, scalable, measurable, and social world of digital marketing. A flurry of ones and zeroes flying through a maze of fiber optic cable and emerging as the words, pictures, apps, and sites that drive our modern world. The digital marketing experts at Two Rivers Marketing are more than coders — they're strategic thinkers adept at translating marketing strategies on to the Web and into the hearts and minds of a client's audience.

Partners & Affiliates

Truly Full-Service

As a discipline, marketing is growing more and more fragmented with each passing year — making the promise of "full-service" increasingly hard to deliver on. At Two Rivers Marketing, we pride ourselves on continuing to be a full-service agency. Our team stays atop industry trends, in-touch with new technologies and platforms, and well-versed in all things that might drive measurable results for our clients.

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